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Hey guys and gals,

If you can believe it, it is my intention to make recording the podcast a priority in my life again. It's been a long time coming. I'm looking forward to a helluva ride, as I refocus on this podcast. THANK YOU for joining me on this journey of self-actualization.

Improviser Tice Rust joins me on this episode as we talk about self-discipline, organization, and fitness. Enjoy 



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This episode has a crazy echo. That's what you get when you don't do a sound check. I was dealing with a whole bunch of personal stuff that we'll get into later, but for now rejoice in the fact that i'm back! HOLLA! 

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On this episode Tim talks about doing your best, and Tim reacts to his online personality profile. 

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Don't be scared homie. This episode Tim uses metaphors about mountains and fear to talk about dealing with your demons. 

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Tim talks about recovering after a loss, attitude, planning, follow through, and heroes. 

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Is there a more passive way to succeed? I think soft things have to do with it!

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Do you have tangible goals? Do you daydream? Are you emotionally intelligent? I have none of them, but they sure are fun to talk about! 

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Tim talks tips, grooming, wanting, being happy and more. This episode is sponsored by you! 

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What is your One Year Plan? What do you want? What do you plan to do to get it? What tools do you need/want/have to make your plan a reality? Tim discusses his goals on this episode of Trueheart. 

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An ancient episode of the Tim Trueheart Podcast before I actually started seriously recording episodes. Enjoy. 

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I recorded this episode in the car on Christmas Day. I talk about the value or prayer and meditation in this episode. Enjoy, comment, and share w/ a friend. Thank you.

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Being mindful of your own thoughts is empowering. The brain is one advanced piece of technology and a lot of us don't even know how to use it. We’re not mindful. What happens in your head when things get heavy? Recognizing your feelings during stressful moments allows you to choose your reaction, and not just react instinctively. Enjoy this episode of the podcast!



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On this episode of the podcast Tim conversates about putting first things first and also delves into planning, specifically planning time to plan. Tim thinks he is getting better at podcasts, you be the judge. Enjoy!

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Tim admits that he is not ready for success, which kinda bums Tim out. Tim talks about excuses, priorities, being messy, tackling the To Do list, and the importance of becoming ready for success so success can happen. Thanks for listening, and enjoy! 

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I recorded this episode on my way to get my TB test results. Then somehow I contract the ebola virus, making this is an exclusive sneezecast. Now I'm not trying to be a loser, i'm trying to be a winner, so I muscle through my illness. I discuss needing time to do you, mental toughness, and then I bitch about fat people. No offense to you if you're overweight, I am too, I also struggle with my body image. Thankfully i've lost 3 pounds since Thanksgiving. Enjoy the episode, LOVE YOU. 



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Listen. I'm no better than anyone else, as a matter of fact, i'm actually not even as good as most people. But guess what? I'm trying, try, try, try, and that's all any of us can really do anyway right? Right! So, just enjoy what i'm saying, and absorb my words as I drop knowledge. -T

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There is still no official theme song for thepodcast but this episode's music is by Freak Fandango Orchestra, the track is called Nevermore. This episode I about the value of positive feedback, trying to achieve, authenticity and how performers sabotage themselves. I try to wrap my head around why we have to be genuine and honest to succeed. How to feel comfortable onstage, and how I am actually "special."

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On this second episode I talk about my issues in order to give you lovers a look into what i'm doing wrong so that you don't have to repeat the same mistakes that I do. I hope you enjoy this episode. Muah!

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Tim talks about the Akashic records plays his own live Akashic reading and reviews his experience. 

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Tim overcomes his fears and finally records his first episode. Tim introduces himself then rants about this, and that. It's okay, he's likable. Tim finally drops some knowledge at the end. Tim wants you to like him and he hopes you enjoy. 

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